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Employment Law is derived from a number of sources, our Constitution, Legislation, Case Law and EU Law. Usually the contract of employment is at the heart of the employee / employer relationship.

Contracts of employment can be oral as well as written.

The types of disputes which are most common in this area are:-

Wrongful Dismissal – arises out of a breach of contract
Unfair Dismissal – arises out of breach of legislation
Constructive Dismissal – can arise out of either breach of contract or legislation

These types of disputes are dealt with in a number of different ways such as the Right Commissioner, Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT), the Labour Court and the regular Courts i.e. the Circuit Court and High Court.

Other areas of dispute that are rapidly developing in Irish Law include bullying, harassment, occupational stress and discriminatory dismissal such as – Disability, Gender, Religion, Race and Age.

At C. M. Haughey Solicitors we deal with all aspects of Employment Law. Please contact one of our team members should you have any further queries or believe you may be entitled to compensation in relation to an employment issue.

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